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Our goal is to help every person with mesothelioma get the compensation they deserve.

25 Years of Experience in asbestos claims

As a law firm* that specialises in claims for people with mesothelioma, we have handled thousands of cases for people with mesothelioma all around the world.


Our network of experienced lawyers and paralegals ensures that we can answer any question that comes our way about entitlements to compensation. Our people specialise in making claims for mesothelioma victims. This is all that we do.

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We have been helping Canadians make compensation claims for over 20 years. In that time, we have helped thousands of people to make successful claims against the Trust Funds, and acted on behalf of many Canadians to help them bring claims in the courts in the UK and USA.



Years of Experience


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*Our principal lawyer Rohan Atherton is licensed with the Legal Services Board of Victoria and handles claims for clients against the Asbestos Trusts. Legal advice is limited to the rights against the Trust Funds..

We always work on a "No Win No Fee" basis which means that there are no costs or expenses if your claim does not succeed.

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claims are all we do.

Mesothelioma claims are all we do. Some firms may claim to know about the Asbestos Trusts, while at the same time also handling motor vehicle claims, medical negligence cases etc. Asbestos Trust claims require expert knowledge of how the Trusts operate which can only be gained through years of experience in handling hundreds of these cases for Canadians. 


We advise our clients on all possible sources of compensation. Some law firms can only provide information about claiming through the Trust Funds in the US - and this may not be the best outcome for the client. We aim to provide advice that is always in the best interests of the client, and our team of lawyers can advise on all aspects of claims that may be available. 

Consists in helping and serving others.

Rohan Atherton

Principal lawyer

Rohan Atherton has been handling asbestos claims for over 25 years. Rohan started his career working for a union-based law firm where he represented plumbers, electricians and boilermakers who had suffered injuries as a result of their exposure to asbestos. 


Rohan obtained his accreditation to file claims with the first of the US Trusts, the Johns Manville Trust, in 2001 and has made claims against in excess of 30 different Trust Funds on behalf of mesothelioma victims.


In 1999 Rohan was appointed as lead counsel to represent over 3,000 former UK coal miners residing in Australia, Canada and New Zealand who developed black lung and other respiratory conditions from their work in the UK mines. The British Coal Respiratory Disease Litigation is the largest class action in UK legal history and over £2.5 billion was paid to over 450,000 coal miners through the compensation scheme. 


Rohan has worked in an "of counsel" capacity with a major US law firm in advising them on their non-US asbestos claims. In that role he developed a detailed understanding of how the US Trusts operate and apply to Canadian claimants, and has built strong relationships with the defence lawyers who operate the Trusts through ongoing negotiations of settlements for his clients.

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Bachelor of Law (Hons) Monash University

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Monash University

Work Experience

Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers - 1992.


Lead Counsel British Coal Respiratory Disease Litigation for Australia and New Zealand residents 1999.

Accredited Specialist in Personal Injuries law - Law Institute of Victoria 1997.

Here are some true clients letters...

"My Dad was very impressed with you - and so was I - you were very gentle and direct and informative. Your advice seemed sound at the time - and we followed your direction. When my Dad and I were speaking with you on the phone, and receiving your emails - both of us commented on your professionalism and attention you gave us. Thank you so much from me personally. I would have never known where to begin - or how to start the whole process without your wise advice."


"I was surprised and grateful to receive your cheque today. I regret so much that Derek's life was cut short because of this dreadful disease he contracted during his working life, and the enormous amount of pain he suffered. Had he lived, he would have continued to be the wonderful, caring husband and father that he always was. I am thankful that Derek's untimely death is still acknowledged and for your continued effort on my behalf. "


"I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your cheque. What a complete surprise! It seems a long while ago when dad was so desperately ill and mum nursed him through the traumas of that awful illness. I will be sending my sister her share of the cheque too. Oh to see the look on her face when she receives it. She will, without doubt, be astounded and for me, I can't believe that dad is still keeping watch over his precious daughter and son. We are indeed indebted to you all "


Claim what you're entitled to

Canadians can qualify for compensation and there is no court action and no financial risk, as legal fees or not payable if compensation is not recovered.